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Academy - for beginners


Our Academy program gives beginner players an opportunity to train to play at the club level. Our program began with players from ages 8-12 but has since expanded to include 7th, 8th & 9th-grade players with Academy Plus and 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders with Academy Tots. 

During a session, coaches teach the fundamentals of volleyball, basic skills, and monitor each player's progress. Continual evaluation of players enables coaches to keep players working toward mastering skills as well as challenging those who advance quickly. Instruction is highly individualized to help players move at their own pace. 

  • Each session has a ratio of 8 participants per 1 coach. 
  • Every Academy coach is highly qualified with MANY years of experience! 
  • Coaches work directly with each player to teach the fundamentals and basics of volleyball.
  • Our Academy, Academy 6th Grade, and Academy Plus bundles include a 6 clinic session for $175.00.
  • Our Academy Tots bundles include a 4 clinic session for $100.00. 
  • The last clinic in every session is a play day!
  • No Make-Ups - Due to limited space in our clinics, we do not do make-ups.