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Private Lessons

Take your game to a different level by personalized instruction. There is something for everyone at every level.

* Integrity Volleyball Club provides the opportunity for private lessons and additional team practices. 

* Players and coaches may reserve courts subject to availability.   

Court rental is $50 per hour. Court costs are paid by coach. Coaching fees are set by individual coaches and run $20-$30/hour on top of court costs. If a team wants to have an additional practice, the team mom would assist the coach in collecting all the money.  The coach will pay the court costs.

If you are interested in setting up a private lesson, please contact the coach you want directly. You can find the coaches information by using the contact list below. The coaches will tell you their availability and coordinate the court times. 

Please include the following information when emailing a coach: 

  • Name and age of athlete 
  • Skill you would like to work on 
  • Current team/coach 
  • Contact information (name/phone numbers/email)

Coach Contact Information

Coach Contact Info Ages Skills Availability
Brent Zuege 214-236-9629
All All Flexible - Late Afternoon M,Tu,Th,Fr
Jenna Gomez 817-881-0568
All All, Middles Limited times Available
Joey Castillo 817-729-3713
All All After 5PM M,Tu,Th,Fr
Maria Blain 682-521-3587
All All After 5PM M,Tu,Th,Fr
Stacey Waldmann 817-965-8189
All All M - Th 5-8
David Harris 972-839-6632
13 & above All Most evenings except Tuesdays
Gary Godley 817-343-1993
12yo-15yo All
Taylor Kress 817-905-9966 All All Monday after 5, Wednesday anytime and Sundays
Celeste Davis 817-781-1997
16 and under All
Macy Holden 817.319.6202
13 and up DS and Setting Monday and Wednesday from 5:00 to 6:00, Friday - 4:00 pm and later.
Kelsey Craker 817-994-7512 All Primary skill: Setting, Secondary: DS & Serving Evenings after 7:00 pm (for now)
Bri Addison 12's / 13's / 14's All
Cassie Gomez 817-908-9167
All All Flexible in Summer Tue - Fri
Naiha Rivera All Passing Flexible
Caroline Kendall 817-914-8463 14's and under All but setting Flexible before 5:00 pm