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Sand Volleyball Program


Integrity Volleyball is excited to announce that they have joined the investment and management group that has recently acquired 692 BEACH and The Strand, the most successful sand volleyball program for junior athletes and the country's premier sand volleyball facility!

The addition of 692 NEXT sand volleyball gives Integrity Volleyball the ability to train athletes year-round in a different discipline of volleyball. Sand volleyball has quickly gained popularity across the country and is the newest NCAA Championship sport/event, creating scholarship opportunities for 1,000's of athletes each year!

To kick-off the new 692 NEXT beach program, we are offering 2 FREE clinics for athletes that are interested in participating in our Spring Season beginning February 16th, or just want to get in the sand and have some fun! We encourage all of our athletes to attend these clinics to see if sand volleyball is something they would like to pursue! If you have any questions, please feel free to email Dar Griffeth:!


We are offering a 10% discount to all Integrity players! We have created several options that allow all players to participate without interfering in the indoor volleyball season. You can choose to do 2 days/week or 1 day/week to work around your indoor practice schedule (see options in email below).


The benefits our athletes will receive from playing sand volleyball are numerous! They will get alot of quality touches on the ball (only 2 players per side), they will get faster and stronger having to play in the sand, and their ability to see and read the game will drastically improve!


To redeem your 10% discount, simply enter "INTEGRITY" in the discount code box when you check out with the online registration. This discount code is only good through Wednesday, February 15th! If you have already registered, let us know and we will go in and give you a 10% refund!!

The 2023 Spring Beach Season is right around the corner! Spring is our favorite season because the temperatures are on the rise! The full-time beach players start back-up in spring and those that are playing indoor start to get back into the sand! The Spring season is important for our top players because it is the beginning of those getting ready to tryout for our National Team and Training Team.


  • Season Dates: This program will begin on Thursday, February 16 and run through Thursday, May 4


  • Practices: We have created OPTIONS for everyone to join our Spring Season!! We know many of you are still playing indoor so we are offering all of the options below:


  • 2 practices/week (FULL PROGRAM)
    • Tuesday/Thursday 5:00pm-7:00pm
    • Monday/Wednesday 5:00pm-7:00pm
  • 1 practice/week (FLEXIBLE OPTION)
    • You choose: M, T, W, or TH 5:00-7:00pm


  • Tournaments: Our schedule will consist of several local tournaments and BVCA challenge matches and we finish the season in Gulf Shores at the Beachfest, which runs concurrently with the NCAA Beach Volleyball Championships


  • Partners: You do not have to have a partner for this program. We will train all the girls as individuals and then help them pair up for the out-of-town tournaments. It will always be your choice who you play with in tournaments


  • Cost: The cost for the Spring Season is as follows:
    • 2 practices/week: $985. 
      • You can pay in full or 2 monthly payments
    • 1 practice/week: $590.


  • Registration: We are now offering on-line registration!