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The Academy program is a highly successful program that gives players an opportunity to train to play at the club level. Basic skills and fundamentals are taught and players are monitored each week as to their progress. As mastery develops, players will be challenged with new skills. The instruction is highly individualized to help players move at their own pace. The program began with players form age 8-12 but has been expanded to include 7th and 8th grade players with Academy Plus. 

  • Each session is limited to 8 participants per 1 coach. (Academy Plus is limited to 16 players)
  • Every Academy coach is highly qualified with MANY years of experience! 
  • Coaches work directly with each player to teach the fundamentals and basics of volleyball.
  • Continual evaluation of players enables coaches to keep players working to master skills but to also challenge those who advance quickly.
  • The cost for each 4 clinic session is $100.

ACADEMY- for players ages 8-12 - This program will train players to play club volleyball at the 11U and 12U level or even enhance rec play. Over 90% of Integrity’s current 11’s and 12’s team participated in our Academy training program last year. Later in the spring, the players that are ready for more intense instruction will be identified and selected by the Academy coaches for the Academy Intense program.  

You have two registration options:

Academy Session A - just one month (January), 4 clinics for $100.00. Dates: starting January 7th, 14, 21, 28, from 5:00 - 6:30  IS FULL!! REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

Academy Spring Special - 3 months (January, February & March), for $270.00  IS FULL!! REGISTRATION IS CLOSED


Begins in May.  For selected players 8-12.  Academy Intense players is an "invitation only" level and player must be invited by Academy coaches. They must meet criteria of skill level as well as work ethic. They will continue to work with the VolleyLite ball and prepare for the 11U and 12U Club Level. New to Integrity?  All Academy Intense players come from our Academy. So start in the Academy. You will be moved to Academy Intense when you are ready. Many things are considered (skill, age, work ethic etc.) Or you can do a private lesson with one of the coaches and be evaluated for Academy Intense. Invitation Only.


For players currently in 7th grade and 8th grade - This program will train players to play club volleyball at the 13U and 14U level as well with school teams. This is mostly for beginner players. The ball and height of the net is age appropriate.


Cost Sessions
$100 Any 1 session (4 clinics)

Questions? Please contact: Isabel Domenech