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Practice and Conditioining to begin NEXT WEEK - NEW PROCEDURES

By admin, 10/26/20, 11:30AM CDT


What you need to know before you come to the new season's practice..... IMPORTANT

Parents and players -

Please read the following very carefully. Practices and conditioning begins next week for all teams except the Limited Club teams. In order to set up proper COVID procedures to limit risks, the following policies and procedures will now be in place. We realize that this is a change so please read this carefully. It is different and very structured. Also, please realize that this is for your child's protection.

Read carefully as to when you are supposed to arrive, what your player should do at check in, transitions to/ from practice/conditioning etc. Please share this information with your players. There are reasons we have put each procedure in place. We need EVERYONE to comply. We have to work together to be able to continue to keep everyone healthy and stay open.

Thank you
Integrity Directors

Beginning November until the end of the club season

  • Practice Times -  Monday through Friday 

    5:30 - 7:30  OR  7:45 - 9:45

    Conditioning Times - Monday through Thursday

    6:45 – 7:30 (for teams that practice at 7:45)  OR 7:45 - 8:30 (for teams that practice at 5:30)

    Transition Time – Monday through Friday 7:30 – 7:45

    • Courts and balls will be sanitized.
    • At 7:30, there is a plan to move all players in conditioning and those finishing their team practice to wherever they need to go next. Everyone, at an appointed time will move to the right to go either to the exit, conditioning area or court for the 7:45 groups. They need to take their backpack with all of their stuff with them at that time. Once they put down their stuff in their new area, they may go to the restroom if necessary. 
    • You will not be able to get on the court until 7:45 since the court will be in the process of being cleaned.

    Conditioning Procedures

    • Denisa Russell, who is a personal trainer and the lead conditioning coach for Integrity, has developed procedures where players can safely condition. See the separate document (that will be sent separately and posted to the home page of the website) that goes into detail on how conditioning will be organized, run and sanitized. Participants are expected to read these procedures and adhere to them at all times.
    • Conditioning will be performed outside as often as weather allows. So when it gets cold, players are expected to have their pants and sweatshirts available.

    Screening Procedures – 5:30 teams​

    • Do not arrive until 5:25.
    • Your coach will take the players temperature.

    Screening Procedures – 7:45 teams

    • If you do not participate in conditioning, then do not arrive until 7:40. Your coach will check your temperature.
    • If your team participates in the 6:45 conditioning session, the monitor will check your temperature. Conditioning participants for the 6:45 session should not arrive before 6:40.

    Non-Players and Non-Coaches

    • We ask that parents refrain from coming to practice as we will have a lot of players in the gym at one time. However only 1 player’s parent will be allowed and absolutely no siblings, friends or other family members.
    • You may not enter the gym until a monitor or a coach takes your temperature.
    • Again, we discourage parents on site because the more people increases the risks of COVID spreading.
    • The seats upstairs will be closed as we will be using it for conditioning.


    • PLEASE DO NOT COME if you are experiencing symptoms that could be COVID until you know that you do not have COVID.
    • PLEASE DO NOT COME if you know you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID until you know that you do not have COVID
    • ​Remember many of the younger people only have cold-like symptoms. So be aware!!
    • ​Wear your masks and social distance​ at all times unless you are working on the court. This includes getting ready, changing shoes, sideline discussion, going to the restroom, etc. As soon as you complete your practice, you need to put your mask on, gather your things together and be ready to move to the right to transition to the court, conditioning or exiting the building. (A t-shirt pulled up over the nose and mouth is NOT considered a face covering.)
    • We must work together to be able to stay open.
    • Integrity will continue to sanitize the balls, courts, all conditioning equipment, set procedures in place to limit exposure to pods of people, provide hand sanitizer, temperature screening among other things.
    • Unfortunately, we do not want anyone in the gym until 5 minutes before any practice begins. Parents please do not drop players off earlier than 5 minutes before practice or conditioning begins. We know this can be inconvenient but appreciate your cooperation.