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TEAM Gear and Uniform Distribution - Batch 2

By admin, 11/07/19, 3:30PM CST


Please read this email and then read it again. It has tons of details. I am glad to answer questions but before you email to ask, check this info again to see if your questions has already been answered. Thank you!!!!! Nancy

The 2nd batch of team gear and uniforms is ready to distribute.This will include all items that have not yet been given out except for jerseys. Intense, Select and Club teams will have spandex, warm up pants and kneepads. Select and Intense Teams will also have shoes. Limited club will get spandex and kneepads.

We will hold items for any player who is not current with their account. 

Here is how it will work!!!

1) I need the coach or designated team rep to pick up the entire team's stuff. They will then distribute to individual players. (See schedule below for team rep pick up)

2) If an item is missing, check the info above as to what is being distributed. Then if you still think it is missing, send an email to Nancy at  Please send the email instead of trying to catch me and tell me as I can't remember everything. It helps tremendously to have the information in an email (not text). 

3) If the item you received is damaged, please send an email to Nancy at

4) If you didn't get what you thought you ordered, please check the receipt that was given to you when you ordered in person or online. If it doesn't match your order form, then contact Nancy at

5) Uniforms and Team Gear will be held for those who are not current with their player account balance. If you have questions, contact Nancy.

6) KNEEPADS - As you may recall, we changed the brand of kneepads to Mizuno which come in Small, Medium and Large. We gave most people 'Medium". However, because you didn't get to try these on, we will allow you to trade for Smalls or Larges to make sure you have the size that you want. TEAM REP - Please find out which ones need to be changed out and deal with me with the exchanges as soon as you can. 

7) Do not open up your bags until you get home! (except for trying on kneepads) This will eliminate the possibility of losing it right off the bat. 

8) WRITE NAMES ON EVERYTHING --- IN MULTIPLE PLACES --- IN INK THAT WILL NOT WASH OUT!!!!!  We can't tell you the number of times people haven't done this and then they lose something and it doesn't have a name. Everyone's stuff looks alike!!! Protect your investment. Write names on EVERYTHING as soon as you take it home!!!!! 

9) DO NOT ask your team rep, David, Rusty or your coach. The only person that can help you is Nancy.



PICKUP SCHEDULE  - For Coach or designated parent to pick up team gear/uniforms.   

**Team Reps, please let your parents know when you will be giving out the uniforms. If at all possible, please give to the parent. The worst thing that can happen is that items are given to the players and they all open their stuff and get things mixed up or lost. We are trying to help you by setting guidelines. Team reps will help in exchanges for kneepads, but parents should contact Nancy directly if there is a problem with the order.

Monday, November 11 - 5:00 - 7:30 - 11 Club, 12 Club Blue, 12 Club Red, 13 Club Red, 15 Club Blue, 14 Select, 16 Select, 15 Select, 16 Intense

Thursday, November 14 - 5:00 - 7:30 - 12 Select, 13 Intense, 13 Club Blue, 13 Select Blue, 13 Select Joey, 14 Club Red, 16 Club, 14 Club Blue, 15 Club Red, 15 Intense

Friday, November 15 - 5:00 - 6:30 - 11 Limited Club, 12 Limited Club

Monday, November 18 - 5:00 - 6:30 - 14 Intense

Dates to be determined for 13 Limited Club, 14 Limited Club Blue, 14 Limited Club Red, 17 One Spirit